Artisans Almanac magazine

Artisan's Almanac

Issue #2 - Release 2012

This free full-color art-tourism magazine included artist features, art news, up-to-date resources, new art technology, festival listings, event calendars, beautiful photography and more. Artisan's Almanac was distributed in high-traffic areas throughout Oregon throughout the year.

Highlights from the 2012 issue:

  • Festivals of the Arts District
  • 15 Bands for 15 Venues
  • Linkville Playhouse turns 50
  • Underwater Videography of Dan Benson
  • New Resident Resource Guide

Issue #1 - Release 2011

Artisans Almanac magazine

Highlights from the 2011 issue:

  • Top 3 Film Locations in Klamath County
  • Klamath County Event Schedule
  • KU STORIES Documentary Released
  • Storyorb Creative Writing Events
  • Creative Casting Agency


Editor: Christy Soto
Assistant Editor: Jessica Reeves
Journalists: Christy Soto, Gary Kout, Kohel Haver, Matt Wilson, Trish Seiler, Nick Hill, Terra Whitlock, Answer People, Doyle French, Mary Theis, Katrina Burington
Photography: Christy Soto, Mike Stier, Jimmy Sandoval, Michelle Benson,
Art Director: Mike Stier, Christy Soto
Graphic Design: Christy Soto, Mike Stier, Jessica Reeves
Sales: Christy Soto, Jessica Reeves, Diana Kellstrom, Kyla Marino, Sybil Fulk

Artisans Almanac magazine

Artisan's Almanac furthered the exempt purposes of The Creativity Collective by providing education, resources, networking, opportunities, exposure and experience for journalists, photographers, graphic designers and more. Exposure to new residents generated interest in local arts, including the arts of The Creativity Collective.