Creativity Theater

Creativity Theater

Creativity Theater provided resources, networking, opportunities, exposure and entertainment for theater enthusiasts, actors, set designers, sound engineers and playwrights.

The Creativity Theater Committee launched play productions, classes, playwriting workshops, acting circles and the popular, Haunted House TheaterCreativity Theater Committee funded itself through play productions, Haunted House Theater, submission fees, contributions and the artist magazine.

Below are some of our previous events and programs:

  • Production of Haunted House Theater 2009

  • Production of Haunted House Theater and more 2010

  • Production of Rocky Horror Picture Show 2010

Field of Screams

  • Production of original play, In the Company of Killjoys 2010

    In the Company of Killjoys

    Comedic play in two acts. On the eve of Carrol Kilroy's hysterectomy, white trash Christmas mayhem occurs. Can Carrol make it through dinner with a drugged up breast-feeding trophy wife, an evil mother-in-law, and a sex crazed daughter in love with her gay uncle, without divorcing not only her drunk husband but the whole family?

  • Field of Screams Haunted House

The Gems and The Creativity Collective hosted a six-night haunted house at Kiger Stadium. “Field of Screams” featured separate adult-themed and kid-themed haunted house areas, concessions and six nights of Halloween fun. The event closed the 2011 Kiger Stadium season. It was a fundraiser to promote both organizations.