Tuesday, May 2, 2017: GIVE NOLA DAY

GiveNOLA Day is a 24-hour event hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to inspire people to give generously to nonprofits making our region stronger, creating a thriving community for all.


Saturday, May 13, 2017: 2ND ANNUAL CORSET CRAWL

The Creativity Collective’s second annual Corset Crawl, a pub crawl through the New Freret in corsets is Saturday, May 13, 2017. Corset Crawl offers drink and food discounts to wrist-banded attendees. The route is 1 mile, but well lubricated!

Saturday, September 23, 2017: 5TH ANNUAL BRIDAL CRAWL

The Creativity Collective’s fourth annual Bridal Crawl, a pub crawl through the French Quarter in wedding dresses is Saturday, September 23, 2017. This original New Orleans event is jaw-dropping fun with droves of brides drinking, eating, and dancing—some reliving their special day, some brides for the first time.

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Impacting the Community with Creativity

The Creativity Collective is an artistic workforce with a community focus calling upon the talents of area entrepreneurs, artists, parents, and students to impact New Orleans issues with innovative solutions.

Now Projects

  • The Creative Resource Directory (CRD) A print and web directory showcasing the New Orleans’ creative and cultural economy. (creativeresourcedirectory.com). FB
  • Nolalit is The Collective’s book club that celebrates and reinforces local culture with profound literature, cinema adaptations, and related field trips (nolalit.com). FB
  • Gradeuxity provides a booklet of life-skills and hands-on life skill training to high school upperclassmen. (gradeuxity.com).
  • Fauxmosa craft mocktail menu featuring seven drinks to improve beverage options for non-drinkers in social settings. (fauxmosa.com). FB
  • The Collective has pub crawl fundraisers throughout the year:
    • March 11 - Leprecrawl: Leprechaun pub crawl and block party in Mid City. FB
    • May 13 - Corset Crawl: Pub crawl and fashion walk in Corsets. FB
    • September 23 - Bridal Crawl: FQ pub crawl party in wedding dresses. FB

Our Mission

  • Grow partnerships between creative individuals and the community
  • Foster families in a creative environment
  • Spark a sense of community within our creative/cultural economy and create awareness
  • Incubate artistic growth through arts education, travel, and networking
  • Promote artistic expression as a path towards mental and physical health
  • Develop inspirational meeting spaces for creative individuals and the public
  • Create projects that provide education, resources, experience, and exposure for creative individuals

The Spirit of The Creativity Collective

  • We believe creativity improves our quality of life
  • We define artists as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are artists
  • We believe creativity is the natural byproduct of enthusiasm
  • We are lifelong learners and students of vision

  • We are dedicated to the life of an idea