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Artistic Kindred

Artistic Kindred provides inspiration and team-building with travel.

Artistic Kindred Committee plans the Creativity Collective’s members-only retreat. The retreat is an open artistic community and great place to bring your writer's block, your unfinished opus or your seed of an idea for a week-long break from societal constraints.

Writers, musicians, actors, graphic designers and visual artists from The Creativity Collective attended Burning Man in 2010. Fifty-thousand people travel to this temporary art-city every summer for radical self-expression, release and inspiration.

One of the reasons it was chosen by The Creativity Collective was due to its proximity to Klamath Falls, OR–a short three-hour drive. Burning Man contains a comprehensive art culture with theme camps that have jazz music, circus arts, sculpture, yoga, film, fringe theater and more.

According to the official Burning Man website, "Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance." Participants bring what they need for the week. You cannot sell or buy anything while you are there (except ice and beverages that are provided by Burning Man cafe). Nowhere else but Burning Man will one see a land-roving blow-fish car, towering structures made of semi-trucks, a two-story carton of milk or hundreds of fire-spinning competitions all in one place.