A Legacy of Bravery

A Legacy of Bravery provided opportunities for graphic designers, journalists and photographers to grow their craft while honoring our veterans and military.

A Legacy of Bravery helped raise awareness for veterans with a variety of projects: a tour of military significance, a website detailing the veteran experiences and a gallery exhibit of WWII action photos (Faces of Death).

The Tour

The Legacy of Bravery Memorial Tours–a multi-media van tour that highlighted Klamath County's military history through the vibrant stories of area veterans, enlisted and those who's lives have been touched along the way–received partial funding from the Klamath Tourism Tax Grant.

Areas of interest include:

  • Klamath County Museum
  • Marine Barracks Memorial
  • Kingsley Field
  • Veterans Memorial
  • Courthouse KIA Memorial Shaft
  • The Memorial Cemetery
  • The Mitchell Monument
While being transported, tour-goers experienced the history of each destination as told through pre-recorded or guide-narrated stories from our service men and women. The two hour multi-media tour ran from Memorial Day to Veteran's Day.

Faces of Death

Faces of War

The exhibit consisted of 20 action photographs taken by the 168 Field Artillery Unit, Battery B. during World War II. Lieutenant, Harold Bohm of the 168 Field Artillery Unit was one of the first participants in A Legacy of Bravery. "It is important what they [The Creativity Collective] are doing," remarked Harold Bohm, "or else people forget."

The exhibit was free. Due to mature content, the exhibit was thirteen and older unless accompanied by an adult. "We cannot expect to grasp the military experience of our returning veterans without understanding what they have seen," says Christy Soto.

The Website

legacy of bravery

The Legacy of Bravery website was a place for veterans and their families to share their experiences. It included photos, memorabilia, video, documents and original music.