What We Do

Wookie D's

The Creativity Collective’s sub-krewe, WOOKIE D’S will parade during The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus on January 30th, 2016 at 7pm. The parade’s theme is Chewluminati: Nerd World Order.

"Chewbacchus marches with 1300+ BacchanALIEN revelers in an amazing assortment of homemade Sci-Fi costumes. We roll with several of the best brass bands in the city and an incredible array of parade contraptions including a Millenium Falcon Wookiee Throne, a Mayan Temple on Wheels, a King Cake Flying Saucer (with an alien baby), the Bar2D2 mobile keg droid, and much more. Official site - http://chewbacchus.org"

Celebrate the bad seeds of sci-fi and cinema in our sub-krewe of the criminally insane, Wookie D’s. JOIN US and represent the psycho or super-villain of your choice. Contraptions welcome. Throws include hand-decorated and fur covered walnuts. Additional goodies are walnut shell dioramas, shell jewelry, and edible art. Our 4-wheeled Wookie watering hole has alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and will be broadcasting music from our Wookie DJ. All ages welcome.www.facebook.com/WookieDs Here’s how you do it!

  1. Join Chewbacchus ($42 for adults, $21 for kids) athttp://chewbacchus.org/shop/cart for your Droid Collar (aka wrist band). It is your pass to parade and to attend the Chewbacchanal party/ball. It also gives you access to Krewe-only areas and FREE beer/food/snacks. The parade starts at Krewe du Vieux Den (42 Architects Alley) and ends at Castillo Blanco (4321 St. Claude)
  2. After you pay, please email a copy of your receipt to Wookie D's for their records: christy@creativitycollective.com). We’ll create a binder to validate paid members in case of discrepancies.
  3. We will add you to our closed group that has throw-building parties, idea sharing, and links to buy merch.
  4. Start working on your costumes/contraptions! For new riders, Chewbacchus costumes are cosplay quality, not Halloween costumes.
  5. Out-of-towners: Let us know if you need housing and we will do our best to accommodate our riders!